5 Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Saree

Who doesn’t love Indian ethnic. Bright colors, fine work, beautiful prints, and patterns. And they make you look so graceful. That is why I love traditional, and try not to miss even a single chance to wear them.


And the kind of elegance saree brings, is difficult to find in any other clothing. But this piece of beauty is damn difficult to wear and more perfectly you will wear it, more beautiful it will look on you.


You can check out these links to find different ways to wear saree.





And there are tons of video available on youtube to learn how to wear saree. You can learn techniques from them, but perfection will come only after practice.


And your all efforts will go in vain if you will not avoid these few mistakes:


1: Mismatch Jewelry:


Your beautiful jewelry can easily ruin your look, if not chosen carefully. If saree has a lot of work on it, then avoid wearing heavy jewelry or accessories, else it will make your look too heavy.


If there is already work on your blouse then avoid wearing neck pieces or wear simple, pieces.


If your saree has a golden work then golden jewelry will work with it, but if it has silver tone then avoid wearing too heavy silver toned jewelry. This applies on lehenga too. Too much silver tone can ruin the look and make your makeup look dull.


2.Keep the loose end  according to your body shape:


Unlike any other dress, saree can wear in multiple ways so choose the way which suits best to your body type.

How you want to keep loose end of saree (Palla) depends on kind of saree but also on your body shape.

If you are short in height and a bit heavy in weight than believe me front end palla is not your thing.


3.The thumb ruleDon’t let your heels showsup


Wear heels first then starts wearing saree. keep the length such that it don’t allow people to know what kind of shoes you are wearing.


4.Avoid cotton and heavy sarees unless you are damn perfect in wearing and carrying them


Cotton sarees looks so sophisticated and classy, but they are very difficult to wear, so if you are a beginner, its best to avoid them .


5.Never go for saree with heavy work on palla


Completely avoid choosing saree with heavy work on palla, no matter how beautiful that saree is. It makes saree really heavy and damn difficult to maintain and all of the saree beauty will be gone, if you will not be able to manage palla.




I chose to wear this saree on my cousin’s wedding since I am also new at wearing saree. I went with the lightest saree available, as even after wearing, It should be easy to carry.


I opted for open hair. If you are planning to wear heavy blouse with lots of work or if you are planning to wear heavy jewelry, then opt for hair bun or some other beautiful hair style.


As I stated earlier the more perfect you wear a saree, more elegance it will bring.


If you have any more tips on how to wear perfect saree and what mistakes to avoid while wearing saree, then please share in the comments box.



-The Styligent







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