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16 Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Must Know

Being a girl, of course, I love shopping. When I was in college, malls were like my second home and season end sale used to be my favorite time of year.



Then life happened, I got a Job, shifted to Mumbai.



Those who live in Mumbai, they know how weekdays go by here and how much crowd it is there in malls on weekends. And at the time of season end sale, you need to gather a lot of courage to even enter a mall and do shopping. After a tiring week, I couldn’t afford to spend my weekends in the malls, where I have to stand in a queue to try a handful of clothes.:(



Then online shopping came to my rescue. Now I don’t have to go out to buy stuff, which I can easily order online. Seriously this saves plenty of my time and frustration.



I have come across to a lot of people who shy away from online shopping, maybe because of their past bad experiences or maybe because they fear to try this mode of buying.


From my experience, I can say online shopping is a safe mode.


Here are a few things you really need to pay attention and few hacks which can be really useful while buying products online:


Online Shopping Tricks For Indian Customers



 Copy-Paste method –



Copy the full name of the product (along with code ), and then paste it into the google search. The search result will let you know if the product is available on any other site at a lesser price. You can also use a browser extension like makkhichoose, which compares prices for you, whenever you check any product it gives you instant update if the product is available on any other website at a lesser price.



Check these websites before making the final purchase :



Websites like freekaamaal and indiafreestuff can give you latest update about great deals.




Check cashback offers or coupons :


couponduniagrabon and couponraja these websites give you an update about coupons, offers and cashback. You can use cashback websites like paytm and payumoney to make the purchase or use their money to make a purchase to get decent cashback. Check for credit card offers. Banks often provide additional discount and cashback, if the purchase is made from their account or credit card, So check for those deals as well.



Use the new customer discount –


Most of the site offer a discount on your first purchase, you have to sign in and subscribe to get that discount. On your next purchase, sign in with some other email ID and again get that discount.



Use “favorite” or “notify me” option –


Want to buy a product, but can’t afford at this point of time or it is not available in your size or favorite color.  Use “favorite” or “notify me” options, you will get a direct notification in your mailbox, whenever the product is available in your favorite color or size, or most Importantly you will receive notification, whenever the product is under discount.


Leave it in the cart –


This works a lot, pick the product you like and leave it in the cart. Now retailer will reach you to complete the purchase and they might offer you that product at a discounted price.



Check the warranty on the product before buying –


This specifically applies to electronics, always call customer care of the e-retailer, ask about if they are offering the same warranty as the manufacturer and what will serve as a proof of warranty. Always have these queries solved before making any big purchase online, You don’t want that one day your product stop working and you go to the service center and they said it is not under valid warranty.



Read product description carefully:


Always read the product description carefully and whatever is mentioned along with the product image. It applied to anything, clothing, electronic items, furniture etc. Read each and every single detail. Just don’t skip reading.



Zoom It :


Look images carefully by zooming in and out. Many of tops which I loved at first glance, after seeing the images carefully I realized that they won’t look good on me-sometimes their back was too deep, length was short or too long, the material was not good.  So careful analysis of images is really important.



Check Return/Exchange conditions –


Although almost all online portal offers seamless return and exchange services, yet it is advisable to read condition for the same carefully before purchasing any product. Like what will be the procedure, whether money will be deposited to your account or will you be getting credit notes.



Check delivery time –


Check availability of a product in your area, the delivery time before making the purchase.



Don’t shy away to clear your queries –


Often there is Q/A section, you can ask a question there and get your answer or you can always call customer care and inquire about the product before placing an order.


Read user reviews –


Don’t forget to read user review, you can find genuine inputs about products.



Check for Seller –


Some shopping sites like Amazon and Flip kart, don’t sell their product directly. They sell through different sellers and different sellers offer different discounts. So always check that and also read reviews about the seller.



Check for websites which offer free shipping or free COD –


After choosing an item, check if the site is offering free shipping or delivery, if not then look for the same product (Follow copy paste method ) on other websites. Whoever offers free shipping or free COD, chose that one.



Know your size :


Online retailers use a different kind of size metrics, especially in shoes. Sometimes it is UK size, or US size or maybe some other size. So be aware of your shoes or clothing size to avoid the whole return or exchange hassle.




Follow these hacks and you will have an amazing experience shopping online.


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