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How To Avoid Looking Older Than Your Age.


Girls’ scariest nightmare ???

Looking older than actual age.






It is not possible to stop aging but if you are looking older than your age then you might be doing one of these mistakes.




Know About Mistakes That Make You Look Older.png



Let’s check out what are these blunders;


Makeup techniques:


Your face first starts giving signs of aging and if your makeup techniques are wrong then worst can happen.




Applying blush on the apple of cheeks (old method) or in the wrong direction will make your face dull and wrinkled.

Always apply blush in an upward sweep to make your face look slimmer and young. Choose blush color as per your skin tone and do not go overboard with it else you will end up looking like a clown.


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Contouring is something which can make or break your look. Accept it, not everyone is Kim Kardashian. So just skip contouring or keep it minimal if you are not good at it.


Contouring is supposed to accentuate your cheekbones and give an illusion of slimmer and uplifted face and if applied with the wrong technique it gives opposite results and makes your face look like a painted mask.



Lip Liner:


Don’t be so obsessed with Kylie Jenner lips. Drawing lip line far outside your natural lip line and then not covering it properly can ruin your makeup. It makes wrinkles around your lips more visible.


Eye Makeup:


You do not want to draw attention towards fine lines around your eyes by wearing too heavy eyeliner.


Instead of dark black liner choose brown or dark gray colored liner.



Foundation and Concealer:


Foundation is supposed to give your face even tone. Too light or too dark foundation and uneven application of foundation will make your face look cakey.


Same goes with concealer, Don’t just put concealer on your dark circles and pimples instead even it out with a concealer brush else your face will look uneven and patchy and dull.




Clothing choices:



Yes, you have heard it or read it almost everywhere that you should always wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, but It does not mean that you should roam around in baggy jeans or in ill-fitted clothes.

Never underestimate the value of well-fitted clothes. If you want to wear some loose top then balance it out by wearing skinny bottom.

And do not opt too funky or too bright clothes which make you look like you are trying too hard to look young.




Hair color:


Is your hair color making you look old? Yes, it is possible. Sometimes when hair color is not compatible with your skin tone it can make you look older. It is not advisable to choose a color which is way too different from your natural hair color.



Hair Style:


Layering, soft curls, and voluminous hair add freshness. It is wise to choose haircut as per your face cut so to avoid overexposing your face and drawing attention towards fine lines and wrinkles.



So now on avoid making these mistakes and look younger and feel younger.


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If you have any other tip to add on then let me know in the comments section.





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