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Review Post : Nykaa Nail Paints

December calls for celebration. Lots of holidays means lots of parties. And no party look is complete without perfect nails.


From a very long time I was in love with neutral shades of nail paints in matte form.


And when I saw all those pretty pastel and nude shades of nail paints on Nykaa’s website, I just wanted to order all of them, though with very difficulty I stopped myself, and ordered only few.


thestyligent (1)


So in this blog post I am going to tell you my honest review of Nykaa’s nail paints.


Colors : 10/ 10


In terms of colors and variety Nykaa’s offering is something which I don’t think you will find in any other brand. All top trends of this year pastel,nude,shimmer,vibrant you name it and you will find them in Nykaa’s website.

These colors go well with any look, be it modern, edgy, chic or traditional.


Application : 8/10


I struggled a lot while applying matte shades as texture is too creamy and also I was not getting uniform finish in 1-2 strike. A very precise application is require to get a uniform finish in matte shades.

However silk and others were quite easy to apply. Infact they look extremely polished and uniform even in one stroke. And two strokes give really good finish.



Chip resistance : 5/10


Nykaa claims that all nail paints are chip free and long lasting. However my experience says otherwise.

All nail paints I applied started off chipping in 1- 2 days.

Although I have not tried these nail paints with top and base coat, which I will be doing soon and updating the results in this post. But without top and base coat nail paints are not long lasting.


Longevity : 6/10


Few of nail polishes I bought in month of October and applied only once or twice. And I found the lacquer dried inside the bottle when I opened it again after 1-2 month. Matte nail paints are first one to dried off quickly inside bottle may be because of their thick texture.


Value for money : 8/10


All nail paints looks so good once applied perfectly. Their prices starts from 140 Rs. And often you will find discounts on Nykaa’s website.


So overall I love all shades offering by Nykaa, however I wish if nail paints stay a bit longer and doesn’t chip off so easily.


I haven’t tried their gel nail lacquer collection and amazonian adventurous collection, gonna order them shortly cause I love to experiment with different nail color shades.


thestyligent (2)


Here is a link of best nail paints shades from Nykaa : Perfect pink in matte

Silk Lacquer: one of the best in terms of application

If you are a pastel lover


I would recommend you to definitely own at least one matte and one pastel shade and since their silk lacquer is easiest in terms of application and stays long on your nails so grab one silk too.


If you have tried any nail paints from Nykaa, then let me know your thoughts on that in the comments section.




Let me know your thoughts..!!!

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