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Must-Have Items To Build A Timeless Wardrobe

There are tons of meme circulating in social media, which make fun of the fact that we girls never find anything to wear despite tons of shopping.




However funny but true.


We have to apply so many permutation-combinations before choosing clothes to wear. There are many factors which influence our decision. For me, it was a daily struggle. ūüė¶


But after watching an interview of a famous Hollywood celebrity, who is in her 40’s and known for keeping her style up to date with current trends, I have saved myself from this daily struggle a bit.


She shares that keeping few basic, classic pieces in your wardrobe can help you a lot.


Apart from keeping trendy clothes and accessories in your wardrobe, take time and invest in some quality, timeless pieces in your wardrobe.


Let’s check out what pieces you should essentially keep in your wardrobe:



Crisp white/black shirt will always be your best friend :


This is one purchase you will never regret, for it never goes out of fashion.

Buy a premium quality branded button up shirt in timeless white or black colors.

You can wear it with jeans for a casual look or with trousers or ankle pants for a formal look.



PC: Google




Add timeless charm with Black heels :


Never feel shy in investing in black heels, as it goes with any colored outfit. Purchase those style which can easily go with jeans and work well with dresses as well.


Own a good quality pair of black heels

PC: Pinterest



Dark Blue Jeans are saviors :


Good fit blue jeans in your wardrobe will make your life easier.

Choose good brand while purchasing one, so that you can wear them multiple time without the fear of fade color or loose fit with time.

Do not hesitate to put some more money, as this purchase will give you its full return.


Classic Blue Jeans

PC: Google



Sometimes all you need is a good Handbag :


A handbag made of quality material and classic finish will serve you for many years.

Choose a color which can go with any outfit.


A classic hand bag that goes with any outfit is a must have for every woman

PC: Pinterest



Give your outfit a makeover by adding Blazer:


A Feminine blazer with the right kind of silhouette, which suits your body is a must-have. It can go with trousers, skirt or even with dresses.



A good Blazer is everything

PC: google



Basic T-shirts are everything :


Having a plain white or neutral colored T-shirt in your wardrobe will be your savior for days when you will find yourself struggling with clothing choices.


BASIC white T shirts to build a classic wardrobe

PC: Google




Timeless and classic Accessories says a lot :


Always keep some classic pieces of ear studs, neck pieces, and bracelet in your wardrobe -to give an instant lift to your look. A good watch and a nice perfume are also must have items.

Add some timeless accessories in your wardrobe


PC: Pexels


Buy a perfect Black dress and you don’t need anything :


Black dress of a flattering silhouette will be your help for days when you find nothing to wear maybe for a party or a formal occasion. For a casual outing, you can wear it with a denim jacket.

A classic black dress is everything

PC: Amazon



Speak elegance with White Kurti :


White Kurtis are evergreen even Bollywood celebrities swear by it. You can style them with a colored scarf and ankle length jeans. Add some chunky jewelry for bolo look. Or keep things light by pairing it with blue jeans.

Instead of white, you can opt for dark colors such as black or royal blue as well.



White kurti is a must have wardrobe item

PC: Google


Stripes are for every event:


Who does not love stripes? Even Kate Middleton is a great fan of the Breton stripe. You can buy a striped dress or a top. You can wear it on multiple occasions and can style it in different ways.



Breton Stripes Kate Middleton wardrobe essential


PC: Google


So invest in these items to save yourself from struggles for days, when you don’t find anything else to wear. And remember to opt them from good brands, as these items will rarely go out of trends and you will need them for years.



-The Styligent






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