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Summer Favorites: Part III


As I have mentioned in first part of this series -Summer means you can bring that floral prints dresses out of your closet.


Being a girly girl, I love comfy dresses with soothing prints on them.


The first favorite is this cute little summer dress from Forever 21.


Styligent Beach dress


This dress as you can see is super comfortable and give you so much relief in scorching heat.

It has a super cute back. And its black floral prints are perfect for those who are not into floral prints and bright colors.

So for black lovers, this one is a perfect beach dress.

With a shrug and sneakers- you can wear it casually and roam around the city. Wear a denim jacket and wedges with it, and you got yourself a perfect dress for movies and for chilling out with friends.


You can find similar ones here




My second favorite dress is this absolutely beautiful and comfy dress from Splash fashions.

I have talked about this dress in detail in my earlier blog post.



Styligent Maxi dress


I just can’t get enough of this dress. It is perfect for summer brunch, beach party and with a jacket on you can wear it in casual dinners also. As prints are not too bright, this dress can be worn on different occasions.

You can find similar ones here



My third favorite is this elegant sheath  dress from




It has a tie-up, which makes it looks like a wrap dress. It is mid-length and not too tight to wear.

It has the perfect room to hide your food baby if you are wearing it for lunch or brunch. You can wear it in your early pregnancy days when you don’t want to reveal your baby bump.

I love its color as green has such calming effect in summers and the prints are also not too much.

You can find a similar one here



So with these looks, I am ending my summer favorites series here. And also here in Pune we had first pre-monsoon rain which indicates the end of summer.



I will be back soon with few new looks, so stay tuned.






Let me know your thoughts..!!!

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