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5 Hottest Color Combination Trends of 2018


You must have heard or read a thousand times that fit is what matters most when it comes to proper clothing.


But color combination matters as much.


If you are wearing colors that complement each other, then nobody can stop you from standing out in the crowd.


So this year try to ditch those basic combinations and try these 5 trendiest color combination ideas.



Silver And Pastel Blue:



Silver brings the charm while pastel blue brings innocence. This color combination looks so alluring yet so easy on eyes.


How to style –


  • Wear a pastel blue top with a silver skirt.
  • For a minimal look opt blue jeans with a sequin silver crop top.
  • Silver salwar kameez with a pastel duppta or vice versa.






Gray And Crimson


We have always learned to wear colors as crimson with black. Try wearing it with gray. Crimson and Gray combination brings out the best in each other. Gray brings the pop of crimson in an amazing way.


How to style-


  • A crimson color dress with a gray jacket or overcoat.
  • Gray pants with crimson top or vice versa.
  • Gray skirt with a crimson colored top.
  • Gray scarf with a crimson colored dress



Thestyligent (5)



Blush Pink And White



Who doesn’t love blush color?¬† it’s everyone’s favorite nowadays.

So its combination with white oozes elegance like nothing else.



TheStyligent (5)


How To Style-


  • Make sure to wear heels in nude colors to complete the look.
  • You can add some metallic or silver accessories to accentuate the look.



Camel And Maroon


Loved by many celebrities this combination will surely make you look regal.

This is the combination where you do not need to add any accessories.





How To Style –


  • Maroon skirt with a camel colored top or a blazer
  • Maroon pants with camel colored top
  • Camel colored dress with a maroon jacket
  • Add a matching bag in colors preferably black and you are good to go



White And Lavender:



Nothing looks better with lavender than white.

An eye-catching combination like this one can work on multiple occasions.





How to style-


  • Wear lavender bottom and white top, this way they complement each other beautifully
  • Whole lavender outfit with a white color blazer looks perfect.
  • Wear either nude heels or black colored depending on the occasion.
  • Adding chunky accessories will further enhance the look.




So how do you like these combinations, let me know in the comments section. And if you have any other suggestions then share that with me as well.



-The Styligent













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