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5 Types Of Items To Throw Out Of Your Wardrobe Today


Do you have something in your wardrobe which you think it might come in fashion?


News for you: There are few items which never make it in fashion trend list.


So if you have something like this in your wardrobe, its high time to throw that out.





Here is a list of few such items:


Animal prints:



If you have anything with animal print, then its time to stop waiting for it to come in trend: throw it right away.


Even celebrities failed to do justice with animal prints.






Anything boxy and wide-legged:



Clothes that are too big might look good on celebrities but we ain’t a celebrity.


Big clothes hide your body and send a signal of lack of confidence. They just do not look appealing at all. So clear away that large size sweatshirt or top and pants that are so big that they make you look small.


Boxy clothing



Large patterns:



It’s difficult to make large patterns work on your body shape, mostly they make you fat. Large patterns on your outfits just hide your personality. So in all, they are just not worthy of wasting time and money. So if you have any piece of big, bold, colorful large pattern then its time to say goodbye to it.



Large patten outfit



Printed Leggings:



You bought it because they looked cute. But when you tried it, it just doesn’t look good with anything. It is so difficult to find a perfect top to pair with printed leggings and next challenge is finding the right shoes or right accessories.

You can use these leggings by pairing it with a basic tee for working out in the gym or for yoga, but no more use than this.





Wrong color combinations:



Some color combinations never work so if you have something like that either try to match it with some other color combination or just give it up.


  • Brown and black
  • Gray and Brown
  • Blue and black
  • Red and Green
  • Green and pink
  • Green and orange
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Red and Orange




Failed color combinations



So girls clear out your wardrobe today itself by bidding goodbye to these insignificant items.



Wardrobe Rearrangement





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