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5 Drinks For Quick Weight Loss


Weight loss is such a struggle, it needs determination, motivation and a lot of efforts.


Quick Weight Loss Methods


One thing is for sure there is no shortcut for losing weight quickly, no matter how much some websites and slimming center claims it. However, there are some natural ingredients which can help you in expediting your weight loss process.



Natural Drinks To Lose Weight fast



Let’s talk about them :


1.Honey+Black pepper +Warm water –


Black pepper can be consumed in different ways: either chew 2-3 black pepper in morning before breakfast or drink black pepper tea or black pepper oil (diluted in water). You can also make a drink by mixing honey, black pepper powder and warm water.


How it works : 


The ingredients which work against fat is piperine which is present in abundance in black pepper. It improves metabolism, removes toxins and increases absorption of nutrients in the body.


Black Pepper with Honey : Excellent Weight Loss Method




 2. Honey + Ginger + Warm water –


Mix honey, shredded ginger in warm water. Drink this empty stomach in morning.


How it works:


This combination works as an antioxidant. It improves the bile secretion which further cut down the accumulated fat. Ginger aids in digestion and improves metabolism while honey maintains the energy. This combination also improves immunity.


Weight Loss Drinks Made Up Of Natural Ingredients




3. Jeera (Cumin)  + Warm Water –


Soak jeera overnight and then warm this mixture in morning. Drink it first thing in the morning.


How it works: 


Cumin has excellent antioxidants properties due to the presence of minerals (copper and manganese) and vitamins ( A & C), Which clears toxins and free radicals from the body.

Its strong anti-inflammatory properties help in cutting fat. Along with boosting metabolism, cumin also increases insulin sensitivity and lowers bad cholesterol thus prevents obesity.


Cumin along with warm water for weight loss



4. Cinnamon +Honey +Warm  water –


Add cinnamon and honey in warm water and drink it in morning before breakfast.

You can add lemon in this combination for better taste and effect


How it works : 


By stabilizing blood sugar level and improving insulin function, cinnamon prevents storage of fat. Cinnamon and honey together increase energy level and prevents food craving.



Drinks for quick weight loss


5. Lemon + Honey + Warm Water –


Add 1/2 lemon juice in 1 teaspoonful of honey and warm water. You can add mint leaves in it. Consume it daily in morning before breakfast.


How it works :

This combination works as an excellent detoxifier diuretic agents and it aids digestion.

These properties improve blood and lymph flow in the body which results in the cutting down of accumulated fat.


Weight Loss Drinks



So incorporate these drinks into your morning routine and see the quick results.




-The Styligent

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