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6 Celebrities Inspired Fashion Hacks For Petites And Short Girls


Petite fashion is not easy, you have to research a lot on what works best on your body. And it is even trickier when there are very few brands available to offer clothes for petites.



But there is a number of celebrities who are petite or of shorter height and are known for their great fashion sense. You can learn a few hacks from them to take your style statement a notch above.




Fashion Tips To Learn From Celebrities






1. Pushing up sleeves or 3/4 sleeves make you look longer –



Rolling up sleeves makes your arms look longer thus balancing out your overall figure.

And same goes with 3/4 sleeves. So instead of opting full sleeves, go with 3/4th sleeves or else roll up your sleeves.



celebrities inspired petite fashion



Desperate Housewives fame Eva Longoria, who is 5′ 2″, is well-known for her style. She looks perfect with rolled up sleeves, v neck, and extra short shorts.



2. Emphasize your waist with a belt –



Anything that makes your lower body especially legs look longer works well in the petite shape body. So a belt which emphasizes your waist is always a good accessory to add.






With 5′ 3″  height, Alia Bhatt is well-known for her amazing fashion sense. You can find her wearing a belt with a dress on many occasions.




3.  High waist jeans should be your first choice –



Make your torso look shorter and legs look longer by wearing high-waisted jeans.



High waisted jeans Ariana petite celebrity


Ariana Grande your favorite singer, who is barely 5′ 0″ tall, like other petite celebrities she is also a fan of high-waisted jeans.




4. Wearing monochromatic outfit makes you look taller –



Monochrome are petites’ best friend. It does not mean that you should shy away from colors, but yes monochrome work even better on your body shape, as they give an illusion of a taller figure.



Kim Kardashian petite celebrity fashion hacks



Renowned fashionista Kim Kardashian, who is  5′ 3″ rocks monochrome like nobody else.



5. Choose shoes wisely –


If you are wearing heels remember three rules –

  • Match its color with your dress or pants
  • Go for nude colors
  • Try wearing heels with no ankle strap



Mila Kunis petite celebrity Nude heels


With 5’4” height Mila Kunis has been ruling the TV and film industry for years. You can spot her many a times wearing nude strapless heels.



6. Show off your shoulders –


Two facts

  • Deep V neck makes you look longer
  • Off -shoulder dress elongate your neckline





Resse Witherspoon who is 5′ 1″.flaunting her toned shoulder in an off-shoulder V neck dress and she looks absolutely amazing.



So if you are short in height or petite, these hacks definitely can help you out to look perfect.









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