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How To Dress At Workplace Like A GirlBoss


The rise of startups has made this era a great age for female professionals. This is the time when many traditional working norms have become redundant. The concept of power dressing, however, goes back to the 1970’s, has been changing since.


And now the norms have become very flexible and the whole concept has changed a lot. Now it is all about choosing clothes which –


  • Can put you in confidence when you put them on.
  • Something which says classy, fashionable and powerful.
  • Blend of casual and formal, fun but makes you appear in charge of yourself and everything around you.
  • Something which is comfortable but also conveys power, leadership etc.


So now let’s find out how you can tweak your professional workplace attire a bit to make it more relevant as per today’s girl boss era.


How To Style Like A Girl Boss




Blazers have been an all-time favorite of all women professionals. But now instead of opting for traditional colors such as gray, blue and black, go with colors in blush shade or maybe a camel or maroon. For bolder choices, you can even try pink, lavender, crimson red or even mint green.



TheStyligent (11)



Jumpsuits At Work:



Looking for something beyond pantsuits, formal trousers or blazers? Then try your hands on formal jumpsuits. Many new age women professionals are opting for these.

They are comfortable and look so well put together. You can put a blazer with it to get a more formal look.



TheStyligent (11)



Wide Leg Pants/Trousers:



Gone are the days when only narrow trousers were considered appropriate for the workplace. Now you can try different kind of trousers be it stripped, wide legged or flared. You just have to keep the whole look professional.



Trousers for work place




Skirt With A Twist:


You can wear a skirt in many ways, try it with a wide belt or with a top instead of a shirt.

Try some new colors or patterns instead of the conventional ones.


TheStyligent (11)


Jewelry :


Choose some statement jewelry to take your style one level up. Keep them minimal and classy.

A statement necklace, or a bracelet or a ring can do the magic.


TheStyligent (12)



So add these items to your wardrobe to ace the power dressing like a girl boss.



Find out more here: Professional dressing at workplace





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