Travel Fashion : Malaysia Diaries


So I have decided to write travel posts, where I will be covering all the places I have been to.


And I will start with my last year visit to this amazing country Malaysia.


We wanted to choose a country, where we can enjoy the nightlife, shopping, and beaches of course and where getting Indian food shouldn’t be a problem. And Malaysia fitted well in our criteria.


There are many places to visit in Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Langkawi, Perhentian islands etc. We had 5 days with us so we decided to visit KL and Langkawi.


Our journey started with Kuala Lumpur,  I didn’t have too many expectations for the city. And when I saw the dull airport there, my assumption became strong.


As soon as we left the airport, I saw wide roads, witnessed high-level traffic etiquette and high-rise buildings and knew I was wrong all along, this city has so much to offer


We stayed in a beautiful luxurious apartment.  Click here to view. The apartment was located in such a convenient place, surrounded by all the malls and clubs on one side and twin towers, gardens on another side.



TheStyligent Malaysia



This made roaming around the city quite convenient for us. In the daytime, we visited KL towers and done a lot of shopping in huge malls in KL. The city became alive with rooftop clubs, street pubs, and restaurants in the night. Another major attraction in the night was night markets.






You can find plenty of Indian restaurants here so food is not a problem.


As we roam around all day on the streets so I choose to wear most comfy clothes and shoes.







After spending 2 days in KL, our next destination was Langkawi and we were all ready to soak in the natural beauty and just relax.


We stayed at this beautiful above water resort at Langkawi: Click here to view. This place was perfect for the kind of vacation we planned.


Langkawi is a tropical gem, hidden within it beautiful turquoise sea beaches, jungle-clad hills, and wildlife. Those who love the adrenaline rush, for them lots of water sports and other adventurous activities are there. (We clearly are not one of them)




TheStyligent Langkwai



We spend most of our time relaxing at our resort, visiting beaches and shopping at duty-free shops, yes Langkawi is duty-free you don’t have to pay duty charges on anything.







Indian veg food was not easily accessible there, thank god we had plenty of food stocked up with us which helped a lot.



So I got a chance to wear my vacation dresses and clicked some amazing photographs.






Our flight back home was also wonderful as we got to see most beautiful landscapes surrounded by sea.


If you are planning to visit Malaysia any time soon and have some questions in mind, then let me know in the comments section.











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