Travel Blog: Thailand Diaries


Our visit to Thailand was very spontaneous. We were just so tired with the busy life of Mumbai and wanted to go to someplace fun. And Thailand looked like a perfect option.



I was, of course, excited as I had heard a lot of things about how crazily you can shop in Bangkok. Bangkok’s street markets are world-famous so I couldn’t wait to witness all that.



Bangkok was as glamorous as I thought. You can easily find a nice place to stay here and that too at a very affordable price. We stayed in a place which was conveniently near all the famous shopping malls, So we spent our afternoon and evening visiting malls and getting marveled by the hip fashion culture there. Not only you can find great stuff to buy but also can get tons of fashion inspiration by just observing the unique fashion sense of Thai girls there.






At night we got to see the famous nightlife of Bangkok. The city was crazy at night. It was so lively and electrifying. Along with many pubs and clubs, you will find many people partying on the streets.



I don’t know if you know that about me but I am crazy about animals. So Bangkok Safari was must visit place in our checklist. So the next day we left early in the morning. The place was just awesome. I got to see almost every animal I have ever wanted to see. I was most excited to see Zebra and Giraffe. There were more than 100 of them. And it was truly amazing to see them, touch them.




Bangkok Safari TheStyligent



Bangkok safari has so so much to offer. You might get tired but they won’t be running out of entertainment. Amidst all this, we get to eat Indian food. Which was of course like the cherry on the top.



Bangkok Safari The Styligent Visit



I managed to get some hours for the street shopping. Bangkok’s street markets are so well-managed, you won’t find yourself getting tired by all hustle and bustle. You can find tons of trendy stuff and in such affordable prices that you would definitely pinch yourself.



After Bangkok, our next destination was Phuket, because without beaches how can vacations feel like vacations.




Beautiful houses in Phuket_edited



Phuket was breathtaking. It has more than 30 beaches and these are among the world’s finest white sand beaches.


The city is so peaceful, quiet, relaxing.  You get to closely see the real Thai culture here. Thankfully there was an abundance of Indian restaurants there. So food was not the problem for us.


We spent the day relaxing and exploring nearby beaches and the city.


Next day we took a speedboat trip to visit nearby tropical paradises. We got to see the beautiful blue ocean, water was so clear that at times fishes and sea plants were clearly visible. It was such a mesmerizing experience. Everything was so beautiful that we got tired of taking pictures as there was nothing that was not photographable.



Phi Phi Island



The trip included visiting Maya Bay, monkey beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, and lunch.


And Maya Bay is what we found most astonishing. Pristine beaches, crystal clear exceptionally blue water was such a treat to eyes. You just never want to leave such a place.



Krabi Island



Although we got back, the ride was pretty tiring. and the next day we had to leave, so we choose to just relax for the remaining time.



Thailand Visit 2





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