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All About “The Wonder Skin Care Ingredient”: Retinol


If someone says you need only one ingredient to take care of all your skincare needs then would you believe them?


But yes it is possible.



Treat Your Skin With This Wonder Ingredients


As agreed by cosmetologist all around the world, Retinol tops the list when it comes to providing multiple skincare benefits.


It is considered as one of the most effective ingredients for skin rejuvenation and also called as “wonder ingredient”


The better version of the famous anti-acne ingredient “Tretinoin”, retinol converts into Retinoic Acid which is a form of Vitamin A. And then it works towards skin repairment.



Retinol And It's Benefits (1)



Here are some of its benefits:


  • Unclogging pores
  • Speeding up cell turnover
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Boost Collagen Synthesis
  • Acne break out
  • Dark spot removal
  • Repair fine lines


It is available in many forms like creams, serum or moisturizer. So while buying any cream or serum, look if any version of retinol is present in it.




Retinol products available in India –



  • Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair
  • Loreal Revitalift product range
  • Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer or Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum 
  • Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN product range
  • Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum



These are available over the counter. You can talk to your dermatologist and ask him/her to prescribe some retinol products as prescription products are more effective.


How to use it :


  • Skin must be completely dry.
  • Don’t overuse it, start gradually with once a week application (If you have ultra dry skin) or alternate day application (In case of normal skin).
  • Start either with a night cream or day cream, not both.
  • Have patience, use it for a minimum of three months for good results.



Do not use :


  • When pregnant, breastfeeding or have ultra sensitive skin.



So start applying retinol products as per your skin care needs, you can consult your dermatologist also if you want to clear any doubts before using it. There are many high-end retinol products are also available, you can buy them online from websites which offers free shipping worldwide or if you can pay shipping charges then from any global website.









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