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Know Your Skin Undertone And Choose Right Makeup Products


What is that one simple trick that can clear away all your confusion about which kind of makeup products suits you well?


Yes “knowing your skin” is one thing as we talked about in the previous post. Without knowing your skin you just can not make the right decision. Read this in detail to learn how to know your skin type.


But the next important thing is understanding your Skin Undertone.


Knowing your skin undertone can help you in picking right foundation, mascara, blush, lipstick or even right hair color.



The flawless look which you wants to achieve with makeup is actually possible if you use products that work well with your skin undertone.



Importance of Skin Undertone and How to determine it



First, establish the fact that complexion and undertones are different. Your complexion can be fair, medium or darker and it may change with weather and other factors but your undertones remain the same.


Undertone is subtle hue beneath your skin surface. It can be warm, cool and neutral.



If your skin has a tint of pink, red and blueish then you have a cool undertone.

If your skin has a yellow, peachy, or golden tinge, then you have a warm undertone.

And a mix of both or olive, meaning your undertone is neutral.



4 ways to determine your skin undertone :



  • The color of your veins –


Your wrist is the right place to check the color of your veins.

  1. If your veins appear more blue and purple then you have cool undertones
  2. If they appear more greenish, then yours is a warm undertone.
  3. If your veins are a mix of both blue and green or olive then you have a neutral undertone.


  • If silver complements more than gold to your skin, it means you have a cool undertone and if gold complements more than warm undertones. If both look good on your skin then you have a neutral undertone.


  • The simplest way is to go into the natural light, place a white sheet of paper next to your face, then look in the mirror if your skin appears yellow then you have a warm undertone, if it appears pinkish or red then you have a cool undertone. If your skin appears gray then chances are that you have a neutral undertone. Observe your jaw line as it gives most accurate results. or else skin behind the ear as these areas are least affected by any skin change.


  •  Skin with cool undertone get burn easily by sun exposure, however warm or neutral undertones get tanned easily under sun exposure.




Now when you know the type of your skin undertone, let’s find out how to pick up the right make up product – 




Importance of skin undertone in picking right makeup products




Lipsticks Shades to choose from :



Cool undertones: To complement this undertone, look for lipstick in the same color range as the cool undertone. Try blueish, pink, red or purple hues. 


Warm Undertones: Warmer colors goes well with it such as yellow, orange, brown, coral darker red, champagne, golden etc. 


Neutral Undertone: If you have this undertone then you are blessed, as it complements with any color.




Best Blush color as per your skin and undertone :


Fair skin with warm undertone: Peach color

Fair skin with cool undertone: Plum color

Medium skin with warm undertone: Mauve color

Medium skin with cool undertone: Pink or plum

Dark skin with warm undertone: Any shade of orange

Dark skin with cool undertone: Berry color




Eye Shadows – 


Cool Undertone: Honey, bright berry color, pinkish color

Warm undertone – Copper, bronze, berries, caramel look great in warmer skin undertone.



Foundation :


Your undertone also determines which foundation will suit you best. About which we will discuss in detail in the upcoming post. so stay tuned.



So basically you have to complement your skin undertone by matching colors of same hues. Once you get a clear understanding of this picking up makeup products will become an easy task for you.


Of course, you need to consider other factors also like what kind of effect you want shimmery, mattifying, dewy, your skin type, occasion, budget etc. But knowing your skin undertone is the first criteria when it comes to choosing the right makeup products.













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