Bali Travel : Islands Of Gods


Bali: Islands of gods, its rich and beautiful culture has such an aesthetic appeal.  The beautiful blend of traditions with modern culture is something you can not skip.


This is a place which will surely make you fall in love with its beautiful beaches, iconic mountains, lush rice fields, and sheer natural beauty.




We reached Bali in the beautiful month of February and welcomed by pleasant weather, flowers and soothing aromas everywhere.


Another great thing about Bali, you can find plenty of luxury resorts to choose from and that too within budget.


We booked a private pool villa in Canggu, Bali. And it was absolutely incredible.





We spent the first day chilling at the pool, taking relaxing long baths and just admiring the beauty of nearby places and beaches. And at night we headed to Potato head beach club which is one of the most happening clubs in Bali.



Bali Travel



Next day was all about roaming around in Seminyak. Seminyak is all about upscale shopping shops, restaurant, and pubs. We visited Kuta also, but it was congested by traffic, and this is not something we wanted to face during our vacations so we left early from there.







There is plenty of tour operator in Bali, you can book as per the places you want to visit and the time you have. These tours generally include lunch and dinner along with transportation. And your driver will work as a tourist guide for you. This made visiting places in Bali quite convenient for us.







Temples are the major attraction in Bali. You surely can not miss visiting them once you are there.


We were amazed to see the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple. It’s a sea temple which offers the most beautiful sunset view. Other temples we visited were Ulun Danu Beratan Temple & Goa Gajah temples. These temples not only have iconic architecture but they also are great places to feel peace, relaxation and to meditate. Through these temples, we have witnessed the whole other side of Hinduism.




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Apart from all natural beauty, what sets Bali apart from other countries is people there. Balinese people are so polite, they will smile at you, greet you and always happy to help you. And that is one of the main reason why tourists feel so comfortable and safe in Bali.



Bali Travel



So go visit Bali once in life. You will have an amazing spiritual experience there.



BaliMy Amazing Spiritual Experience of Bali



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