About Me..

Ahoy Ladies..!!!


There are some facts about us, which are always true.

Like we girls can never have enough shoes and clothes, no matter how much we shop.

If we look good in front of the mirror, we are the happiest soul.

A beautiful shade of lipstick can make our day.


These small and beautiful things are so important to us and believe me, these small things are the biggest reason men love us, no matter how much they joke about these habits of ours.


Now About me. I love two things people and fashion. So I am an HR by profession and a fashionista by passion.


My style is simple, effortless and comfortable and I swear by online shopping.


I am not an expert or something but I would love to share small tips on fashion, style, and travel via this blog.


Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.


Keep reading …


Your Styligent !!!








Let me know your thoughts..!!!

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